B.L vs. A.L.

For a couple of days now I’ve been thinking: there must be something hiding within myself, to write about the lockdown period. Many people write during this time. Opinions, ideas, assumptions, training programs, Bible verses, sermons, remedies, recipies… This extraordinary circumstance breathes into the spaces of all. Every. Person. Limited. Distanced. Capsuled. Uncertain. There may […]


Definition of Pixelated: When the image is displayed too large or at a low resolution the image becomes pixelated (this is sometimes done purposely for special effect). I don’t feel like talking or writing about that thing… The “C”- word. Information pandemonium and overload. Minds becoming warped with panic, what if’s and worry. I’m not […]


It’s February 2020. I’m still trying to absorb and disregard facets of 2019. Of 2016. Of life. Time. Fleeting. Non-generous. Exhaling forward because if I don’t, life will park me in the yellow lane – with hazards flashing. Traffic will keep honking and speeding. Perhaps age has something to do with it? Don’t know – […]

3… 2… 1..!?

3… 2… 1… “Happy New Year” skree ons graag saam, stiptelik nogal op 31 Desember. Of nie. Want sien, soms voel ‘n “nuwe jaar” soos enige ander dag. Jou gedagtes steeds dieselfde as gister, jou gewoontes ook – soms nog erger – en jou hoop… wel, dalk so effens verwese in die oop deur van […]

Failing Forward | Reuniting with self

I’m borrowing part of the heading from John Maxwell. Failing Forward.Two words that broke my brain last week. I had the privilege of celebrating 30 years of being an adult; the class of ‘89! Excitement filled days prior, nerves on high alert. What to expect? Will I remember the faces and names? Will they remember […]

Glitter en Hoop

Gedurende my grootwordjare was daar uitdagings. Baie. Ek en my “imaginary friend” (haar naam was Linda) het intense gesprekke gevoer oor waar “ons” eendag gaan opeindig. Wat gaan die lewe opdis? Dalk sou “ons” bekend word, die wereld rondreis en baie mense ken. Dalk sou ons erens ‘n impak maak wat talle mense se lewens […]

Cloudy Spunk

Hazy, cluttered, unbalanced, uncertain. Me… for months now. A cloud of realities trying to suffocate my natural optimism and joy that I tend to have. I am a positive person. I seek out the color in life and love to connect with people. I enjoy digging out stories of value and sharing these and life […]